Sistem Informasi Pengolahan dan Pelayanan Pelanggan PT. PLN Wilayah Manado Berbasis Web

Cindy P. C. Munaiseche, Cipta Ramadhani, Laode Muhamad Tajidun


Equitable distribution of electricity needs a frameworkof PT. PLN (Persero) Manado region in an effort to improve thequality of customer service. To improve the service developed aWEB based information system that supports the activities ofPT. PLN. Information systems processing and customer servicePT. WEB-based PLN was built to serve the customers and thegeneral public in terms of obtaining information, applying forthe installation of electrical, power changes and otherinformation. Its use is intended for the public, especially ourcustomers to communicate with PLN Region Manado. Systemdevelopment process begins with the stage of analysis thenperform design, including process design and database design.The design process is done by using the Use Case Diagram. Fromthe use case then transformed into the program modules forimplementation. While the database design was done by themethod of modeling an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERDiagram).Implementation of this information systemdevelopment using Dreamweaver MX, PHP as the interfacesystem and uses MySQL as its database. Web server used isApache and the browser using Mozilla Firefox for Webapplications.Keywords: Web, Use Case Diagram, ER-Diagram, PHP,MySQL, new installation request, power changes.

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ISSN: 2086-9398